Ametek Generator Replacement PMA
Replaces even the Boss 99

200 watt PMA for direct replacement of all Ametek series motors, or to use on your do it yourself wind turbine project.


200 watt PMA alternator for direct replacement of all Ametek series motor/generators, or to use on your do it yourself wind turbine project.

TLG understand the importance of the old Ametek motors of yesteryear, after-all it was Terry of TLG that named the Ametek 99 the Boss99.

Since those old motors worked well as wind generators they were plagued with problems other than availability. They had small bearings that only last a few months at a time, and the brushes wore out about as fast as the bearing did.

That is why TLG is proud to offer a direct replacement for the Ametek series of DCPM motors.


Low rpm design (reaches full output at 600 rpm)

Sealed Bearings (replaceable)

Brushless design (no more burnt up brushes)

Large Cooling Fins (for extended winding life)

Standard 17MM shaft landing for hub mounting

3-Phase AC output (can be rectified at the battery bank or on the yaw assembly behind the PMA if you have an existing two wire system installed and want to use the PMA as DC motor replacement.)

How it compares to the old Ametek series DCPM motors:

10X better than the Ametek 30
12X better than the Ametek 36-38
11X better than the Ametek 40
4X better than the Ametek 50
20X better than the Ametek 60
3X better than the Ametek 72
Direct replacement for the Ametek 99 (AKA: “Boss 99”)

At TLG WindPower your success is our success!



Ametek motor replacement PMA
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Direct Ametek Replacement PMA

Current unit price $299.00 includes:
all mounting hardware and shaft hardware

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