A fine 12 volt system built by Dave from Iowa.
note his excellent choice in blades!

Comments below the image.

Here is a good home made wind generator with a nice long vane that will defiantly hold her straight in the wind.  Holding them solid and straight in the wind is key to taking all you can from the wind.
Dave made this one using the Ametek 99 VDC motor.  The Boss99.

His tests show VERY GOOD output from this generator setup.
A steady 15 to 17 Amps, or 240 to 264 watts in an winds around 18 mph. (the kind of wind we have in most places) Peak amperage of around 22 in gusts of 23 mph.
This one sounds like a solid solution to me for less money than a purchased unit cost, and don't forget that he is getting "MUCH" more power in less wind than most ready to go units found anywhere. 

He is one that has bought different complete pre-made generators here and there only to find that a good PM motor and the right blades blows the others away for less money.

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