Gary's twin system falls due to a faulty guy wire connection.

Before I released the AL series rotors I crash tested every rotor design I currently offer to see if they would come apart in the event of an accident such as this.
Sadly Gary just saved me from running my next test which was to crash test a 1 year old set of AL series blades.
For Gary's sake I would have much rather ran this test myself.

Here is a true testimony to the safety of my rotor line. 
A once fully operational system hits the ground in high winds due to a faulty guy wire connection after about a year of solid use.
You can see in the pictures below that the blades were turning at high speed when they hit the ground.  Although they are badly bent they did not break and go flying a cross his yard risking lives and property.  The Power Disc AL (10-blade) rotor came to grinding stop spinning in the gravel throwing rocks everywhere.  Although the Aluminum blades will be scratched up Gary thinks the whole rotor can be salvaged.
The Tri-Nado MM rotor (3-blade) is a complete loss as it bent the blades and the hub on impact.  But even as hard as it hit and spinning from the high winds it to stayed together.

Click on the sad images below to view full size.
gary_crash1.jpg (84512 bytes)
Hours of work lost. One of the saddest pictures I have seen.

gary_crash2.jpg (83608 bytes)
Close up of the Tri-Nado MM after high speed impact.

Double check yourself on all connections and where and how they are mounted.  Don't let something like this happen to you.

One more thought..  For those of you that have heard or used the buzz words "metal fatigue".

If Gary would have been flying wooden or fiber composite blades do you think they would still be attached to the hub as my Aluminum blades still are?
This should pretty much prove that my Aluminum blades were still solid after a year of hard use and not showing any signs of this feared "metal fatigue".
It is clear that they held up to a high speed crash without breaking apart.  If they were suffering from metal fatigue they would have shattered.

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