Jims HT24 Hornet generator converted to the Boast Buster.

Images of the conversion are below Jim's comments.

Hello Terry,

My first windmill was purchased thru e-bay from Hydrogen Appliance.
After the installation of their black carbon blades, I noticed they lacked in performance and had marginal quality at best. They seemed to "vibrate" in the wind and did not seem to capture the power of the wind especially lacking in performance in a low windspeed environment.

I live in Florida where we get typical wind speeds of 5 to 15 mph most of the year. It is critical for me to maximize my low windspeed capabilities so I decided to begin a search for a better system or blades.

I enjoyed our phone conversation on the different blades that would work well with my existing set up. After this discussion, I decided to purchase the Boast Buster set of blades to put on my split core HT24 Volt system. It arrived promptly in good condition. The quality and workmanship in your blades are excellent. It was simple to assemble and I was up and flying in no time.

Even though I've only had the Boast Buster blades for a short time I have already seen them start up in a light breeze and perform well. I have not put a tachometer on them but they appear to start charging with my current generator at around 200 - 300 RPM. I am now considering a SC120 generator from Hydrogen Appliance to increase my low wind performance. They claim a 12 volt charge at 60 RPM and I am quite curious to see what the Boast Buster will do.

I will let you know what happens next. I might wait a little while until the severe lightning storms settle down to do this. I also included pictures of my battery set up, hinge mount pole set up.

Thanks again for your help and information.

Jim D.
Jensen Beach, FL

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Jim's upgraded HT24 Hornet system.

His battery metering system.

His break over style mount. (this is a guyed tower) guy wires not shown.

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