Kip from Ohio's 12 volt system (Ametek 30)

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The finished product.
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Sitting on the porch during the build.
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Kip shows a very unique and impressive waterproofing technique
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After putting up my genny today, I took a stroll down the road to get a different look, what I found was the prop was flashing pretty bright in the sun so I decided I needed to tone the prop down a bit.
SO, I painted them black ( enclosed new picture), it does a much better job of blending into the trees now and I like that.
Yes you can use my pictures and I will get you a description in a few days.
Thanks, Kip in Ohio....

His new stealth look.
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Additional comments from Kip

When I wanted a wind generator to supplement a small solar charger during Ohio winters, I turned to Terry for expertise. After a few Emails and a few phone calls explaining my needs, Terry recommended the Ametek 30 and his Quadraflex AL.
The Quadraflex AL with its low start up speed filled the all season bill, summer months in Ohio are in short supply of wind.

Below is the list of parts purchased from Terry to assemble my genny:
Ametek 30VDC generator
Yaw Generator mount - Part# GM-3040
Upwind Arbor - Part# AR-5812RH
Quadraflex AL Blade system

I applied enamel paint on all exposed parts, added an inner tube weather collar and a Plexiglas vane. Two hours of assembly and the genny was up on the mast turning in the wind.
I chose to paint the genny all black, which allowed it to blend into the tree line for that stealth look.
The wind was only gusting to 12mph but my first impression is a very quiet operation.

Thanks for an excellent product, Kip in Ohio

Picture added 6-5-05

kipsgenny.jpg (51477 bytes)
Here's a spring day picture of my genny. Survived another winter in Ohio!


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