Mike mounts a Boast Buster on a dual output Sigmax AC Stepper Motor

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On his test stand

Mike and his creation
I got it, couldn't wait to play so mounted it to a fence post for a few minutes, good wind tonight, I'm  sending you a couple pictures of it.

Watching it spin

Mike is like me, he's got to take it apart to see how it works

The windings or stator.

Raising the pole

Looks like stress testing the blades to me.. ;)

It's ok guys Terry said they're tough

The 1 1/2 pipe is now only the last couple feet above the light pole, We lowered it down along side the pole since it started bowing so bad when we raised it.  Its bolted through at the top of the light pole and bottom with 3/4" bolts clear through, and the base is set into a 4 1/2 ft deep cement footing.

Comments from Mike

Latest update from Mike:
Hi Terry, thought I'd update you a bit, right now the sig-max/boast buster is spinning nicely. I have it going into 2-12 V deep cycle batteries (Wal-Mart) Hooked to a 750W (750/1500) inverter, I'm not great at messing with electricity, so what I did was to unhook the wires to my breaker box that run the lights, and put a male plug in on those and plugged it into the inverter, so the light you see in the picture and my inside garage lights are now wind powered thanks to TLG!
It's a start, before I'm done I want to have 4 gens standing and not have a electric bill (or at least a much smaller one).
Thanks Terry.

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