Bryan Rossel's Ametek 50
Flying the Quadraflex MM

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Here are some of the photos I took of my wind generator. Feel free to use any of the photos on your web site. Last night I got to see them in action.
  And as Murphy’s law applies  it was dark and I could not get a good photo of it doing what it does best “fly” I will be happy to send you some photos during the daytime ,I just got to wait for the wind to blow.

I will keep in touch with you and keep you updated.
Thanks for all your Great advice. 
Sincerely Bryan Rossel

Hello again Terry

Here is a photo of my wing generator doing what it dose best. This photo was taken at 1/500 of a second under a 12v load those blades are really spinning fast under moderate winds. I must admit when I first received it, I was a little skeptical of the size of this little rotor, but I am a believer now.

My Son and I had a lot of fun building this wind machine He and I are having fun gust watching it. My Wife was not so keen on the idea of having this tower in our back yard, but now I think she likes it almost as much as I do.
Once again Thanks for all your Help making this project possible.
Sincerely, Bryan Rossel

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