Here are some homemade wind generators built by people like you and I.

Just think of what you can do with just a few hours and a whole lot of fun.

New pictures are added to the bottom.

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Dave from Iowa's Ametek 99 with the Quadraflex AL rotor A 12volt system
Jeremy Bernal's Wind Generator on his boat with the Tri-Nado AL.
Phillips' Ametek 40 Generator with my original Polyvinyl blades
Garys' Ametek Generator with my original Polyvinyl blades.
Garys' Boss99 with the new Power Disc AL.
Tri-Nado Extreme flying in Canada
Pete from Michigan Ametek 50 generator with the Tri-Nado AL
Kip from Ohio running an Ametek 30 Primary Generator kit Quadraflex AL
Burrabit from Virginia's Ametek 30 Primary Generator kit Quadraflex AL With red blades.
Fischer Technical Services Ametek 30 with the Tri-Nado AL Another one with red blades.
Kelly Gernhart's Ametek 99 with the Quadraflex AL
TLG Windpower's Remote Electric Fence Battery Maintainer System
Bryan Rossel's Ametek 50 with the Quadraflex MM

Walters' Power Disc MM on his boat.  The CHATONDEFOI.

Australian Wind Power Education Project.

Brent Hasty's (Down wind) system with the Prairie Star MM.

Matt Swearingen's hand made alternator with the Prairie Star AL rotor.

Johns' Ametek 30 generator in beautiful North East England. A TLG Kit
Garys' twin systems crashes to the ground in high winds. :(
Two homemade generators by Alan in Indiana.
Steve's generator flying in beautiful Hawaii  
A strange new combination of the Prairie Star AL & MM rotor by Alan.
Brian Betz Hornet converted to the Boast Buster rotor.
Matt installs the Tri-Nado Extreme on his home made generator.
Richard Ametek 99 wind generator with the Power Disc MM rotor.
Oklahoma Wind Power offers some tower safety pictures.
A violent storm gives Matt's "homemade" Power Star Extreme a beating.
Oklahoma Wind Power pumps water from a depth of 100' with the Elite.
Jim's HT24 Hornet flying the Boast Buster in Jensen Beach, FL.
Dave from Denver assembles an Ametek 30 on an old windmill tower.
Frank's Power Star Elite flying in Barcelona Spain.
Paul's Hornet Converted to the Boast Buster flying in Nova Scotia Canada
Rob's 36 volt 5 horsepower Generator flying in Windsor Ontario Canada

Heinz's Hornet converted to the Boast Buster flying in Ecuador

Tom's AIR 403 converted to the Tri-Nado MM rotor.
Added a video of Oklahoma Windpowers Downwind Unit.
Mike in Iowa runs the Boast Buster on a Sigmax Stepper Motor.
Richard in Colorado mounts the Tri-Nado Extreme to a 3 phase induction generator.
Skip's Ametek 30 flying the Quadraflex MM rotor in Yale Michigan.
Timothy's Hornet converter to the Boast Buster.
Christopher Demarco's Mallard converted to the Boast Buster. (I love the paint job!) t.l.g.
Homemade generator by John from Melbourne Australia.
Oklahoma Wind Powers direct generator to water pump system.
Ken Reid's setup.
Randy Hargraves Ametek 99 AKA Boss99 in Yukon Oklahoma.
The very first TLG-500 takes flight in Canada at Auto Climate Systems.
Bill runs some tests on his TLG-500 before taking it to his cabin for permanent mounting.
Kurt's Ametek 40 with the Tri-Nado MM rotor.  Check out the view from Kurt's place.
Brian Frymiare Fly's the Boast Buster and Tri-Nado Elite rotors Running resistive heating elements
Randy installs his TLG-500 at his hunting cabin in Western New York State.
John Morton converts both of his Mallards to the Boast Buster
Lynn installs his TLG-500 in Utah on a 24 Volt System    Notice the Air Compressor he made as well.
Steve Goodey installs two Ametek 30 wind generators running Tri-Nado MM rotors  VIDEO
Nigel installs his TLG-500 in Haliburton Highlands county of Southern Ontario
Alan Installs his TLG-500 in Indiana
George in the process of installing his TLG-500 in Alaska
TLG-500 Product Review by Jeffery Jones of Mountain Power and Solar, LLC
Tim converts his Air Marine to the TLG-403-MM rotor.
Mike flies the Tri-Nado MM on an Ametek 50
Mark Howland of Rudyard Auto Sales in MI shows his new Cy-Clone rotor
Marks TLG-500 at Rudyard Auto Sales in Rudyard MI

More to come as I get them

Several customers have thanked me for posting these pictures that have been sent in to me.  But I do not feel that it is me that deserves the thanks.
It is each and everyone of you that have taken the time to send these picture in that are the ones that should get the praise.

For those of you that have sent in your pictures I want to thank you for taking the time to share your work, ideas, and inspiration with us.  

Thank you!

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