Timothy Miller converts his Hornet to the Boast Buster.

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Looks good with the Boast Buster.

Timothy put a Solar yard light on the unit to light it at night.

Blade tips show blur from rotation but that plastic streamer isn't standing out much.

Timothy's Comments


   Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great service and the FANTASTIC Boast Buster Blades.
I had purchased a Hornet from Hydrogen Appliances and had very little energy production from the stock composite/carbon fiber blades. After over seven months of back and forth trouble-shooting from the folks at Hydrogen Appliance, they stopped answering any emails and would no longer give me any support.
It's not that the Hornet with composite/carbon fiber blades never worked, but that it took WAY over the stated/rated wind power to get anything out of my system.
I was only getting power maybe one out of seven days and only on the days where the wind was really howling.
    Lucky for me I found your website and the Boast Buster Blades product!
    On the day I put up your Boast Buster Blades it was a normal breezy day and my composite/carbon fiber blades were not spinning at all.
I simply took off the old composite/carbon fiber blades with their hub and replaced them with your Boast Buster Blades setup and even before they got up in the air they wanted to spin. Once they got up in the air they didn't stop spinning for 4 days!!!. I am now generating five times as much power and have doubled the number of batteries in my system. It no longer takes storm level winds to get blades spinning and power generation happening. Additionally, now that my blades spin almost constantly, my neighbors are now interested in getting some wind power production for themselves. I won't hesitate to recommend your website and your great service!
     I really appreciate the prompt personal service and a product that lives up to its claims. I am also looking forward to your soon to be released revolutionary generator that can be seen here:  http://www.tlgwindpower.com/newgensystem.htm  . As a satisfied customer I WILL be a repeat customer.
     I have attached some pictures of my system and your great blades. My digital camera seems to freeze the blades in motion but if you look closely you can see that the edges of the blade are blurred and moving quite nicely.
My best to you and your endeavors,
Timothy Miller

Update: Added 4-2-06

Update: Boast Buster Blades continue to spin my Hornet12 even in very mild winds. I love those blades! 
But the real new  news is that I acquired  a pair of Ametek 30Vdc motors and have done a direct comparison of your Quadraflex MM blades (which is a 4 blade 36 inch set) to my old Hydrogen Appliance 59 inch 6-blade carbon fiber set. I have only done an "eyeball" test with both blade sets mounted on a separate Ametek 30Vdc motors.
I am still building the yaw mounts for the permanent installation of these generators so my temporary mounts were crude attachments to a picnic table. The results?
The 4 blade 36 inch Quadraflex MM spun up as fast and as soon as the larger Hydrogen Appliance 59 inch 6-blade system! Amazing!
Now I will admit that this is just an observational test, but I did have them side by side in the same wind at the same.
I will drop you a line when they are both up flying in the wind with V/A metering on each for a much more scientific comparison...but I have to say that this is a great early indicator of the efficiency of your Quadraflex MM blades.
Best to you,
Timothy Miller


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