Steve's generator flying in beautiful Hawaii  

Steve's comments below the images.

I love the Duck, and the Yaw stop chain Steve added.

Steve's bird ready to mount on the pole.

A very nice Break Over poll clearly makes the installation much easier and when it comes time to service the unit Steve can put it on the ground to work on it.

The Generator flying in the Breeze on Beautiful Maui Hawaii.

Steve's comments below.

We live on an organic homestead on Maui and have no power, except for what we make. The wind turbine generates up to 5.25 amps into the battery bank. 

The blades I got from Terry are aluminum, very light and make almost no sound when turning. They are hands-down the quietest blades I have heard. They are 3 foot diameter when assembled. 

To support the wind turbine, I put a base pole into the ground. I buried a 10 foot long fence pole (1 1/2 inch) 4 feet deep with a post-hole digger. You can see it vertical to the left. I drilled two holes for two 3/8 high-strength bolts. The one at the top is a pivot and the one at the bottom secures the longer pole vertically. You can see how I work on the wind turbine. I can pivot it up and down alone and put in the other bolt.

This puts the wind turbine about 16 feet above the ground - it seems enough.

Thanks for the nice blades,

Steve Blake

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